Also known Ombre Brows, or Microshading is a cosmetic tattoing technique achieved by depositing pigment on to the top layers of the skin. This process is completed by shading in a Pre-Drawn shape of the client's desired brows with a permanent make up machine and tiny needle, the pigment is deposited to the skin. The result is a natural-looking, pixel effect that adds density and soft definition to the brows.


This technique is ideal for ALL skin types but works very well on oilier, thicker and combination skin.

Depending on the clients desired look, powder brow can be made as soft and natural or as bold and make up like as the clients’ wishes.


Results last 1-3 years before a touch up is required depending on skin type, sun exposure, after care and skincare routine.

Before you book, please make sure you have read through the FAQ's and Pre Care entirely, and determined that you are eligible for the service you are booking. This is important. Make sure you are a good candidate by reading this on my website (see "Am I a good candidate?" in the FAQ before booking).



The Initial Touch up session is a follow up to Powder Brow and Powder Brows cover up services. This session is essential to add or darken pigment that healed to lightly, ensuring your new brows will last looking even and full. For best result the Initial Touch up session should be booked between 4 - 8 weeks after the initial service.



Lash Filler is a revolutionary lash lifting treatment, that will not only lift your lashes and add them a curl, but also improve the condition and health of your natural lashes. It is gentle, non-drying and non-damaging.

It is the first treatment in the world, that is scientifically proven to penetrate and permanently thicken the natural hair by 24%. It influences hair growth by improving hair structure, nourishes and thickens damaged, thin and weak eyelashes, and gives a long-lasting lifting effect to natural eyelashes.

It's a less expensive and lower maintenance option, a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

Who is this treatment for?

  • Straight or go downwards eyelashes

  • Disorder or cris-crossing natural eyelashes

  • Dry and brittle eyelashes that need nourishing

  • Thin eyelashes to improve thickness

  • Long & rigid eyelashes to become manageable & soft

  • Clients who want to break from eyelash extensions

  • Clients who are allergic to eyelash extensions


It usually lasts 5-9 weeks depending how fast your lashes grow.



Clients with old microblading or eyebrow tattoo, that has changed colour may require an eyebrow colour correction, followed by a powder brow cover-up. This procedure is done by a shading technique of the eyebrows, using a permanent makeup machine and tiny. The process consists of two steps, first the machine deposits pigment that neutralizes the eyebrow colour and once this is done the second step, is to cover the eyebrow with the targeting colour.


Before booking please send in photos of your eyebrows without makeup to janemerielpmu@gmail.com to see if you're a good candidate for eyebrow colour correction and powder brow cover-up.

Not all previous work done by another artist can be fixed or covered, but instead may require removal.



After the initial procedure and second session appointment, clients will only require annual touch-ups to maintain their brows. This is to keep the shape and colour of their brows looking they're very best!

The touch-up is necessary to freshen up eyebrows by darkening faded pigment and enhancing shape.
This applies to existing clients only. You must have had your initial session with me for this price. The time frame is based on your last appointment.



Lighten, improve and remove unwanted pigment using Saline Solution. Saline tattoo removal (also known as saline pigment lightening) is a safe and healthy way to improve the appearance even the most stubborn pigment stuck in the skin.
Great for unwanted permanent make up tattoos.  Pigment lightening can take 1-5 treatments on average to see results.